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Now you can book online here and for further inquires call us on on 02081911909 during Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Address : Kemp House, 152 – 160 City Rd,

Phone : +44 02081911909

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Gorgeous Living Spaces, comfortable and cozy bedrooms and fully-equipped kitchens, our serviced residence apartments are yours.

Boost yield, maximise income and easily manage your property by partnering with Dwellers Delight!

Boost Income


No Hidden Charges

Maintain Property

Hassle Free


Interior Design Services

Why Dwellers Delight Management Services?

Professionalism: Achieve a high occupancy level with quality guests. Our in-house team works 24/7 for you and your tenants. No problem is too big to fix – remotely or in person.


Flexibility: If you’re working or living abroad, have a second home, or are away for long periods, you can short-let your property. We’ll market your place throughout the year and work around when you want to use it. 


Options:– Market your property on a short or long-term basis. Short letting could work well for you during the high season, with long letting in the low. You can consider multiple offers.


Security:– We always work closely with you. You know your property is safe, filled, managed and maintained. 

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